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Can I get broadband without a phone line?

September 2, 2021

When access to the internet first became available in many homes and businesses, it’s fair to say that it was pretty basic. Dial-up internet, the most common form of internet access at the time, used the pre-existing phone line in order to work. This also meant that when using the internet with this method, you were unable to use the landline whilst using the internet. This method of course wasn’t ideal and didn’t provide a fast internet connection. 

Thankfully, internet services have evolved since the early 2000s, Wi-Fi and fast and superfast broadband is now available to many homes and businesses. However, there is a decrease in the need for phone lines because mobile phones have become more popular for everyday use.  Also with the increase of online calling services or VoIP products, more and more people are making calls through their online devices. SoGEA is another way many users are accessing the internet without a standard phone line. This sudden evolution away from traditional phone lines has left many businesses paying extra for a service they don’t use when signing up for a new broadband package. 

There is a big misconception that in order to access fast and reliable broadband, you need to use a phone line. You can have suitable broadband without the need for a traditional landline. How? Well at NBC we’re here to explain your options for how to access fast and reliable broadband without using a phone line.

Is it possible to have broadband without a phone line? 

As mentioned before, with modern technology constantly changing, many more of us are using traditional landline phones much less than we were 20 years ago. Previously, in order to get fast broadband, you would have to incorporate a phone line into your package or at least have an established landline in order to have suitable internet access. 

Phonelines are becoming more redundant, people are using them less and with the WLR withdrawal happening in 2025, the need for phone lines will become less necessary. A recent Opinium survey of 2,001 UK adults, which was conducted in 2021 and commissioned by Uswitch, has revealed that 26% of people with a landline don’t even have a phone attached to it. While 35% of participants stated they only have a landline because it’s needed for their broadband connection.

For small businesses, having to pay extra for a phoneline you don’t use in order to access broadband is a cost you could probably do without. However, there are broadband options available without needing to install a phone line.

 How can I get broadband without a phone line?

There are several options for obtaining internet access without using a traditional landline, but the location of the premises could have an impact on availability. Here are a few options available for broadband without a landline: 

 What is SoGEA?

SoGEA or Single order generic ethernet access is a brilliant alternative to traditional broadband services that use integrated phone lines. It is a future-proof broadband alternative that doesn’t run over a traditional landline. SoGEA provides a completely separate line that delivers an internet connection without the need to rent a landline. 

By using SoGEA as an alternative to other broadband services, you could save money on your monthly bills. Without needing to pay for phoneline rental, you only pay for the internet connection you need. For businesses, this option could be a valuable alternative to your current broadband service. 

SoGEA is a future proof option, whilst providing you with a superfast broadband connection suitable for your business. Whether you need to host busy online video calls, upload large files or download images quickly, SoGEA can easily keep up with all your office demands. 

To learn more about SoGEA from NBC, visit our dedicated info page.

 Why choose NBC for broadband without a phone line?

 At NBC, we understand that different businesses have different needs when it comes to internet connection. If you don’t regularly use a land-line phone during your daily business, it’s frustrating getting a monthly bill for a phone service you don’t use. By switching with NBC, our team of tech experts can advise you on the best broadband service depending on what your business needs, or doesn’t need. Not only that, but we work effectively with specialist providers who only supply broadband packages to businesses at unbeatable prices. That’s why you won’t find us on comparison sites. 

Stop paying monthly for a phone service you don’t need in order to gain broadband. At NBC, we’ve got many alternative broadband options available for your business at amazing prices. Contact us today to discuss your options, or use our service location tool to see what NBC products are available in your area.

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