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Do a quick broadband speed test now to find out what speed you are on and how much faster you can go with NBC

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 What does my speed test score mean? 

Interpreting your business internet speeds can seem a little confusing. Here is a summary of some speeds required for everyday internet usage

  • 1-5 Mbps are needed for browsing the web or reading and replying to emails 
  • 15-25 Mbps required for streaming HD video over the web
  • 40-100 Mbps for streaming 4K video or playing games online
  • 200+ Mbps are often required for streaming 4K video, playing online games or downloading large files

To help put it into perspective, an average household requires a minimum download speed of 10 Mbps in order to perform basic functions like checking emails or minimal web browsing.

For small businesses, the minimum speeds are greater. This, of course, is because more people use the internet at one time and the server needs to keep up with demand. Depending on the amount of staff at your business will greatly affect the amount of stable internet access and speed you’ll require. There are a variety of different business internet options available to choose from. 

What broadband speeds do I need for my business?

Of course, at NBC, we’ll happily tailor and advise you on what internet package you will need to suit your specific requirements. However, here is a few examples depending on business size; 

Businesses that have 1-10 employees that require daily internet access, a speed of around 25-100Mbps should do the job. This size will provide reliable speeds for server hosting, video conferencing and streaming. 

For users that require constant cloud-based work, heavy online backups or multiple server hosting, approximately 100-250 Mbps should be suitable for around 20-30 members of staff. 

If your business has over 30 people constantly requiring a reliable and fast internet connection, then a 500-1000Mbps (1 Gbps) is a good benchmark for zero interruptions and super-fast speeds for enterprise-ready offices. 

What Business Internet Options Are There?

If your business internet speeds are not the greatest, there are different broadband options available. Each type provides different benefits and drawbacks which you may want to consider. 


ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) or ADSL+2 are forms of connection that are made using traditional copper wiring, like landline telephones.

Usually, the maximum download speed with this internet option is 24Mps, so would only be suitable for much smaller businesses, where there are only a handful of staff using the internet. However, the distance from the exchange to the premises can greatly impact the potential speeds you could achieve with this form of broadband.


FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) internet works in a similar way to ADSL internet, however, instead of copper wiring from the exchange, fibre optic cables are used. This provides you with a much faster internet connection in comparison to the traditional ADSL.

With much less use of copper wires, FTTC internet can reach potential speeds of 80Mbps, making it a much more efficient and effective alternative to traditional copper wiring.

Coaxial Cable

A cable internet connection works similarly to FTTC, however a Coaxial cable (satellite) replaces the use for reaching a connection through a phone line via copper cables. Coaxial cable is better insulated than other types of cables. A cable internet connection works similarly to FTTC, however a Coaxial cable (satellite) replaces the use for reaching a connection through a phone line via copper cables. Coaxial cable is better insulated than other types of cables.


FTTP (Fibre to the premises) works similarly to FTTC internet, but it uses all Fibre optic cables and it goes directly to the premises, instead of passing through an exchange and being connected to the property via copper wires. Of course, this makes the connection much faster, with potential speeds of 2Gbps. However, like cable internet, this internet service is not currently widely available in the UK as it requires an entire revamp of the current copper wire system. Although these works are constantly ongoing, it will take a while before FTTP is widely available to all areas of the UK.

Speak to NBC today to find out more about the different internet options that are available to your business. Our experts will happily work with you to find the best internet service or broadband package, completely tailored to your business needs.

Broadband Speed Test Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mbps mean?

Mega bites per second or Mbps basically refers to the unit of measurement used to determine the overall speed of broadband. The higher the speed, the more reliable and faster your online activities should be. A higher speed number should provide you with faster downloads, webpages load more quickly and the overall experience is smoother, more reliable and with much less buffering.

What does a speed test do?

By using our quick and easy speed test, you can view the speed that your broadband is currently running at. It’s a real-time snapshot and helps to give you a good idea of how fast your internet is. You can then use your speed test results to identify the broadband package you need to maintain a fast and reliable internet connection. Call us now and we will tailor the best package to suit your requirements.

Why choose NBC for Business broadband?

We understand that having a stable and super-fast internet connection is key to running your business. Whether you run a large office space or a smaller high-street shop, being able to access fast internet speeds is the best way to future proof your business. NBC provides ultimate business broadband at affordable prices so that there’s no need to compromise. You’ll never experience a surprise bill and we never have hidden costs. Not only that, we’re always on hand to provide advice and technical support so that you can focus on what you do best. Contact NBC today to get started.